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What is T8 TOKEN?

The TRADE8 is International Token Based Marketplace business model which can assist and negate all MARKET disadvantages and seize this significant opportunity:

  1. M2B2C Process Flow
  2. TRADE8 will aggregate demand from its registered SMB’s via its web and mobile ordering system.
  3. It allows to place bulk orders at the best possible price directly with the manufacturer.
  4. Manufacturers will deliver through their logistics providers directly to TRADE8 warehouses across in region specific quantities based on SMB demand forecasting.
  5. SMB orders will be delivered or picked up against payment or agreed credit terms.
  6. Fully automated order processing and optimized delivery with real time alerts and tracking.
  7. Automated Purchase orders, invoicing, financial statements, GST/tax filing and digital payments based on negotiated terms and conditions.
  8. Cash Cycle Maximization  The expected buy and sell cycles of 2 to 5/year provides the opportunity to generate revenues 2 times the invested capital in a year.  Even at a potential razor thin average margin of 3 percent (to maximize margin of SMB merchants and increase sales), 30% annual gross margin is achievable with the TRADE8 model. Lowering margins significantly increased the number of cash cycles.
  9. The Technology  Our all-entity-unified mobile and web integrated platform uses proprietary analytics-based algorithms enabled by artificial intelligence to fully automate and mobilize all processes and simultaneously digitize all manual practices and paperwork for everyone. This allows TRADE8 Commerce to:

– Manage demand cycles Procure from the best manufacturers based on quality and price

– Manage product variety spread to maximize margins

– Optimize credit lines and payment terms automatically.

– Optimize payment cyclesThereby,

– Minimizing inventory time and tight inventory control

– Minimizing product waste and overhead

– Reducing working capital requirements by managing

– Streamlining and improving operations

– Minimizing fraud and risk with clear visibility of partner SMB cash flow and business

The role of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence built into the TRADE8 platform will support:

  1. Demand forecasting
  2. Maintain customer loyalty by ensuring transparency
  3. Pricing and Promotions to SMB’s
  4. Year-round supply chain planning and execution
  5. Targeted mobile marketing, advertising and campaign management
  6. Market Intelligence gathering and analytics
  7. Streamlined logistics execution and automated financial reporting
  8. AI-powered, next-generation mobile dashboards for managers and command center for the call center for  real-time insights, automated exception management.
  9. Predictive analytics to drive efficiencies and lower cost and deliver business value through AI capabilities, Better tools to understand commodity market trends to improve decision-making
  10. Machine learning-driven invoicing, cost accrual auditing and blockchain-enabled payment and settlement.

The role of Blockchain Technology  Blockchain technology is perfectly poised to play a key role in the TRADE8 platform as it can ensure the integrity, privacy, compartmentalization, security and confidentiality of data.

The blockchain infrastructure built into the TRADE8 decentralized ledger will:

  1. Segregate sensitive business and customer data for each SMB’s and manufacturers
  2. Securely record all events and asset flow immutably/prevent any kind of tampering
  3. Enable the digital signing of all documentation based of verified identities
  4. Allow leveraging of relevant authentic documents to facilitate trade and commerce.
  5. Reduce processing time and eliminate all paperwork
  6. Save money while ensuring security, transparency and trust while eliminating any adverse manipulation or  misuse of data in this chain.

For the first time, verified audited trade documents are organized and available, such as:

  1. Credit history
  2. Financial statements
  3. Purchase orders
  4. All Trade contracts
  5. Complete audit trail of all transaction

Furthermore, for the first time, as a result of blockchain, Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Marketplace is possible.

TRADE8 Commerce will bring buyers, suppliers and financiers together to the same marketplace with zero middlemen. Fully integrated system with one consolidated, secure, highly Electronic documented, organized and secure tokenised data driven business network.


Media Publication:

We Do Your Backend Administrative, Marketing & Banking using AI Process.

Merchants Will Purchase the Devices and start Entry their Product inventory  and services while they us the Smart POS for their entire Retail management.

The Decentralised Inventory will come to our back end ERP Software while we have CRM database which we do marketing behalf of our Merchants.

As any End user request for Purchse the Merchants Product or services, We notify them by Device reciept which International logistical support will create the B2B2C service to cut the Extra middle Man which wipe Extra time & cost for Consumer Right.

End users Are able to Purchase the Product or Services From as international Centrelised E-Inventory of our Merchants.

We Bring together Marketplaces & Finance

The ultimate goal of  TRADE8 is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services from market to finance.

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns as well Your purchase Directly from the Genuine Factory stores Near to you.

The Benefits of TRADE8 Users

How it all started

January 2019
The origin of TRADE8 platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
May 2019
Elaboration of TRADE8 platform legal model in various jurisdictions. Attracting of Euro 50,000 investment. Development of the cyber protection mechanics. Development of a core applications for the future platform.
June 2019
Attracting of Euro 100,000 investment IT Team building and testing the Web Portal.
August 2019
Attraction of advisors Development of the TRADE8 platform mock-up Technical audit.
October 2019
Development of a partnership model in TRADE8 ecosystem. Formation of EIGHTH DATA CENTRE. Agreement with a partner bank Development. Start of the platform development with Microsoft. Start of ecosystem formation.
December 2019
Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for TRADE8 token release. Continue the development of the platform. Ecosystem formation continuation. TRADE8 tokens listing on crypto-currency stocks.
Feburary 2021
ICO conducting. TRADE8 UI APK development. web data base development. TRADE8 API link testing. Start of the marketing campaign to attract end-users.
April 2021
The platform integration with Ethereum blockchain. Development of TRADE8 blockchain control subsystem. Integration of TRADE8 API with partner applications. Release of platform’s beta version. Start of TRADE8 wallet and tournament functionality development. ICO end date on 05/05/2020
May 2021
Platform and TRADE8 wallet release. Cyber protection services API integration and tournaments release. Continuation of an active marketing campaign to attract end-users.
July 2021
Further development of the ecosystem (2000+ SME, 2.5 million active users). Development of TRADE8 SDK.
September 2021
TRADE8 SDK release. Additional UI mechanics development. Involvement of partners to develop new applications based on SDK.
November 2021
Implementation of AI technology in TRADE8 API and TRADE8 SDK. Addition of new mechanics using AI into the list of FinTech mechanics.
January 2022
Further development of TRADE8 ecosystem (1,000,000 Trader, 150 million Transactions, 150,000,000 active users).

Our Advisory Board

Distribution of Tokens

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

T8 Sharing

  • 75% Reserved For Crypto Trade

  • 15% Funders & Investors

  • 8% Reserved Funding

  • 2% Advisor Team

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